Department Of General Surgery And Allied Sciences

Head of department: Dr. M. P. Maithani  (MBBS, MS, LAPAROSCOPIC SURGEON )



The Department of General Surgery at Uttaranchal Hospital is equipped with:

  • Dedicated operation theatres

  • Specialized surgical equipment

  • World-Class CSSD support

  • 30 bedded unit

  •  Ward telephone facility

  •  ToiletS (4)

  •  Computerized Personal Nurse Call System


The Department of General Surgery is capable of undertaking a whole range of procedures, leveraging both open and laparoscopic procedures. These include:

  • Excision of Mass and Lumps

  • Debridement

  • Incision and Drainage

  • Sphinterectomy

  • Haemorrhoidectomy, and many more