The distinguished Uttaranchal Dental and Medical Research Institute is located in Dehradun, capital of Uttarakhand. Uttaranchal Dental and Medical Research Institute is dedicated to develop the attitude and knowledge among the students and committed to clinical skills leading to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in oral health sciences through excellence in dental education. UDMRI provides the learner centered dental education system. To make it a healthy and learning centric institution, that will develop the skills and the abilities, students are required to read the student bulletin carefully and adhere to it.

Acts of Indiscipline and Misconduct

Any act of misconduct committed by a student inside or outside the UDMRI campus, which is formally reported, shall be construed as violation of discipline of the College. Violations of the discipline shall include:

Misconduct in Classroom

  • Creating disturbance and not maintaining classroom decorum;
  • Disobeying instructions of the faculty or officer of the College;
  • Rude behavior with faculty or officer of the College;
  • In attentiveness in the class;
  • Use of mobile phone inside the class/lab;
  • Damaging or tampering College property e.g. LCD, Presentation Systems, Screens, Microphones, Fans, etc.

General Misconduct on the Campus

  • Violating the prescribed dress code (partially or completely) and or not carrying student identity cards issued by the College;
  • Refusing to produce or surrender the identity card as and when directed by any competent authority or other officers of the College;
  • Use of mobile phones inside the classrooms;
  • Negligence or indifference towards the work assigned;
  • Disobeying the instructions of teachers or other authorities including failure to meet the authorities at the given time without intimation / valid reason;
  • Smoking in the Campus (and within 100 meters outside the campus);
  • Violation of vehicle usage and traffic rules of the College including misuse of UDMRI vehicle;
  • Display of affection in public / indecent/ obscene/ abusive behavior affecting the sensitivity of others. This includes other public areas outside campus like villages and vicinity / picnic spots etc.;
  • Venturing out in the jungles thus putting own safety at risk due to wild life or unsocial elements;
  • Creating loud noise/ talking in loud voices thus causing/ disturbing the ongoing academic.
  • Damaging the assets of the college like CCTV camera, vehicle, water cooler, etc.

Extensive Acts of Indiscipline

  • Non-compliance of any of the Library/Lab rules and/or wilfully damaging books/ book theft/ printed material/lab equipment, etc.;
  • Non-compliance of any of the hostel rules as prescribed in the Hostel Rules;
  • Disruption of teaching, examinations, extra classes, curricular or extra-curricular activities, administrative work, including any attempt to prevent any member of the College, its staff or its outsourced agencies from carrying out their work; and any act likely to cause disruption also including disruption of residential life in the hostels where the College students are residing;
  • Damaging or defacing College property or the property of employees/ officers or of other students of the College or any other property inside or outside the College Campus;
  • Pasting of posters or distributing pamphlets, handbills, etc. of an objectionable nature or writing on walls;
  • Use of abusive and derogatory slogans or intimidator language or incitement of violence or any act calculated to further the same;
  • Passing inappropriate/ugly comments to any of the student, faculty member, staff, support staff, etc.

Acts amounting to ragging could be

  • Teasing, Embarrassing and Humiliating;
  • Assaulting or using Criminal Force or Criminal intimidation;
  • Taking “introduction” is also an act amounting to ragging;
  • Causing grievous hurt, kidnapping or rape or committing unnatural offence;
  • Causing death or abetting suicide;
  • Violation of the status, dignity and honor of the fellow students including those belonging to a Scheduled Caste or a Scheduled Tribe, Other Backward Classes or Handicapped / Challenged or any kind of discriminatory behavior on grounds of gender, race, colour, religion, region and caste, physical features / appearance etc.;

Hostel Rules and Regulations

  • Smoking, Alcohol & Narcotic consumption is strictly prohibited in and around the Hostel premises. Strict action will be taken against offenders.
  • Decency in dressing & demeanor is a must.  Loitering in the Hostel campus during the class hours will not be appreciated.
  • The Management & Staff will not be responsible for personal belongings.
  • Students must keep the Campus & Rooms clean. Defacing walls, equipment, furniture etc., is strictly prohibited.
  • Students must turn off all the electrical equipments & lights before leaving their rooms.
  • Students are not allowed to use electric stoves, heaters etc in rooms.
  • Students are not allowed to organize any group activities in their room.
  • Tipping of Security Guards, Cleaning staff etc., is not permitted.
  • No outside Guest\Students will be allowed inside the hostel.
  • Any complaints regarding electric equipment, plumbing etc., is required to be entered in the ‘Complaints Book’.
  • Strict silence shall be observed in hostel. Care should be taken at all times to ensure that music\loud talking is NOT audible outside the room.
  • Any manner of festivities and noise making\celebrations will not be entertained, which may cause disturbance to other inmates in the hostel premises.
  • Students during their stay in the hostel will be governed by the management rules.


Students are expected to attend all classes without fail. If, for unavoidable reasons, leave of absence is required, permission from competent authority should be sought. All students should reach the classroom on time and shall not leave the class without the permission of the teacher. All students should wear proper uniform with shoes. As per the Dental Council of India regulations, student will be permitted to appear in professional university examinations only if they have;
  • 75% attendance with minimum 80% attendance in non-theory teaching classes/practical and,
  • Obtained at least 50% marks in Internal assessment.
If they fall short of any of these above criteria, i.e. point i and ii, they will not be allowed to appear in the university examination of that class/subject. It will be the responsibility of the student to pay additional tuition fee of Rs 15000/- (Rupees fifteen thousand only) per attempt per subject, may be due to debarred from the subject or willful absence in any professional examinations.
Interns are expected to complete their rotatory internship within the stipulated time with mandatory attendance. Failing to do so, will be the responsibility of the student completely. Any kind of misbehavior, indiscipline or any act of disobedience will result in the extension of the internship. Interns completing their internship from other college, must submit a written application which should be duly signed by the Head of the Department and Principal. Interns have to submit the offer/invitation letter which they have received from other college to complete their internship from the college they have applied for. NOC from the UDMRI will be released only after the successful submission of all the required documents.

Academic dishonesty

Academic dishonesty is a term that applies to cheating or plagiarizing another person’s work. The consequences of cheating will be as under:-
  • The student will receive a zero in the exam in which s/he was caught.
  • In addition to point 1, if the student is caught cheating during the examination for the first time, there will be a suspension for 2 days.
  • In addition to point 1, if the student is caught cheating during the examination for 2 times or above, there will be a suspension for 1 week.
  • Attendance will not be counted during the period of suspension.
  • Any student caught altering or attempting to alter a teacher’s roll, grade card, or cheating on a final exam will receive “F” for all the subjects and will not be allowed to sit in the examination.
  • For any case related to cheating, the student will have to appear for the re-examination.
  • Final decision will be under the discretion of the disciplinary committee.

Authorized To Take Disciplinary Actions

  • Medical Director
  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • Principal
  • Vice Principal
  • Professor/Reader/Sr. Lecturer
  • Head of the Department
  • Teaching faculty (for classroom misconduct, and in conjunction with any of the above officers for other acts of indiscipline)

No major penalties shall be awarded without referring the matter to the Disciplinary Committee of the College and taking concurrence of the Medical Director in each case.

Information about all actions taken by any of the above-mentioned Officers shall be intimated to the administration for records.

“Thank you for being a part of UDMRI family. We wish you all the best”